cPanel Webbhotell

cPanel Webbhotell

The choice for cPanel webbhotell isn’t really about the merits it comes with but mostly dependent on the programming language in use. For example, if you are using WebSitePanel, cPanel might not be a great idea, considering WebSitePanel is for Windows Hosting. Anyone whose website is on classic ASP or ASP.NET should definitely think about Windows Hosting. On the other hand, those whose websites are PHP based will find Linux Hosting or cPanel web hosting a wonderful choice.

Here are a number of reasons why cPanel Webbhotell is the way to go.

CPanel advantages are immense

  1. If there’s a hosting platform that’s a choice for almost everyone out there, then it has to be cPanel web hosting. It has been a reliable and very intuitive web hosting control panel for almost 20 years. It’s believed that for every six seconds there’s a domain being created through a cPanel server while cPanel hosting accounts are created on the web every 14.5 seconds.
  2. The control panel is loved because it’s built to meet the needs of virtually everyone out there, from an e-commerce site owner to a major corporation, normal freelance service provider or a small business website owner online. Each of these individuals will find cPanel the easiest to use including the ease of the provided hosting through dedicated or virtual private servers.
  3. CPanel is a major ecosystem made up of hosting providers and developers in their thousands with domains in their millions across the planet, turbo charged by an automation dashboard and two-pronged type of webbhotell. While many are considered as tools, cPanel is software empowering an entire industry.
  4. Time and costs are of essence when it comes to hosting providers and website owners on the web. CPanel makes it easy to minimise the workload of a system administrator and saving on labour. Small business owners and every website owner out there will find cPanel the best to help them dedicate their energy to the growth of their business.
  5. CPanel as a UNIX control panel based on the web comes with powerful tools easy to use. It makes it easy for users to easily and quickly handle websites and hosting accounts. The full control panel provided to users makes management of a range of functions easier as well as streamlining such functions as database administration, file management, software and email configurations, security and settings among others.
  6. CPanel Webbhotell default use of cPanel as the only control panel is not by accident. It allows users to easily manage any hosting account they have, control and setup their websites in a simple, easy and rapid fashion. There are lots of user-friendly functions and features that make cPanel a great choice for millions of businesses and individuals with websites across the world.

What are some of the cPanel Webbhotell features to look forward to?

The range of tools cPanel Webbhotell comes with offer almost unlimited possibilities for server or website management. With these features managing an online presence in the most professional way possible is very easy and no training or very minimal training is needed.

CPanel email

Through cPanel web hosting you can easily create auto responders, forwarders and email accounts including user-level type of filtering for email management. Fighting spam is very easy with cPanel through SpamAssasin Apache, email authentication and BoxTrapper. You can then go ahead to use mail, perhaps in mailing lists, to convert prospects into customers by broadcasting your message through emails.


CPanel doesn’t compromise on security considering directories protected by passwords are perfectly configured, including SSL/TLS for eCommerce store owners or those running apps passing sensitive data across the web, denials of IP addresses and restriction of access through GnuPG key critical settings. Your website will be well protected through ModSecurity, Leech Protect and Hotlink Protection that comes with cPanel web hosting. Through the IP Deny feature abuse is prevented by offering a way of restricting server access by many or a single IP address. Directories can also be protected by creating passwords for directories by providing a specified user a unique password and login name.


CPanel makes setting up subdomains very easy, including setting up redirects that point guests to a certain path, parked domains and addon domains. Identifying your site will be simple through Advanced and Simple Zone DNS editors.

Making the most of apps

CPanel web hosting allows you to make the most of what cPanel provides, one of which is apps. You can make use of the huge number of third-party apps available for eCommerce, guest books, bulletin boards and blogs and much more to help you build the most dynamic yet robust website.

Files management

With cPanel editing and backing up folders and files is second nature. You can easily manage files and editors as you monitor the way you are using the site’s disk space. The back up tool makes it easy to save certain website directories that can be downloaded into another PC. If the website fails or if a major issue happens the backed up files can then be uploaded and the site restored to its former state. As a user, downloading the whole MySQL database, directory, filters and email forwarders is very easy. Creating backups can be done with the provided backup wizard including restoration of backed up files.

Logs and databases

You can easily use the benefit of logs features in cPanel to understand your audience as you track the performance of a website through AWStats and Webalizer any time. On the other hand you can store huge data amounts as you limit access through PostgresSQL and MySQL databases.

FTP account management

  1. CPanel makes web hosting easy by offering a feature for creating multiple FTP accounts as needed. With the FTP creation software, it’s possible for any site owner to modify passwords, define diverse access levels, come up with transfer quotas and avail configuration files for users to make the most of FTP third part clients.
  2. CPanel webbhotell comes with many benefits, including a unique control panel to make your website management the easiest thing you have ever done. As a website owner, you’ll able to administer every area of your website through the simplest tool that only allows you to point, click and it’s done.

We hope this article has been of some help to you and answered many of your questions.

cPanel Webbhotell

cPanel Webbhotell
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cPanel Webbhotell
The choice for cPanel webbhotell isn’t really about the merits it comes with but mostly dependent on the programming language in use.
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