Even before you have decided on the webbhotell, you will go with for your e-commerce web needs there are a number of things to think about, in the last few years, the number of e-commerce sites on the web has been going up. The competition is currently very fierce. Due to the ever-increasing number of sites on the web, you must offer your customers or prospects a good reason to remain on your website and purchase the services or products you are offering.

As such, the e-commerce site’s design is a critical part of this competition mix and you must get it right. There are so many things to an e-commerce web design; it is in your best interest to do your homework fully before you find the most reliable web hosting service to host your precious website.


  • Responsive website

In 2012, it was determined that in most European countries the number of mobile devices is more than the population, such as the United Kingdom. It means that if the trends are to continue, as projected, desktop computer usage will go down even as mobile device usage on the web goes up. About the same time, Google’s social and mobile advertising director of sales observed there are more people on Smartphones in the world today than toothbrushes.

As more people turn to mobile devices, you must think about your e-commerce website being suitable for every user out there, on a desktop PC, Tablet or the latest Smartphone and any future device that are being released in future. In 2014, we estimated that over 76 percent of people are using their devices just to search the internet. Chances are they are looking for the kind of service or goods your site offers. To be ready for them, no matter the kind of device they are using to get to your website, the web design needs to be mobile friendly for all devices.

Their experience on your e-commerce web site will determine whether they will remain longer, purchase your products or services and return in future. If you haven’t built your website yet, consider responsive web design, which is literary building a site that’s capable of working on all kinds of devices with all manner of screen sizes, whether they are small or large, desktop computers or mobile devices.

  • Page load is critical

One of the worst experiences for any e-commerce website visitor is clicking a link to your website and immediately the page looks blank before populating all the content suddenly and at once. Over 50 percent of all consumers on the internet expect web pages to load within 2 seconds or much less. If a website is taking over 3 seconds to load, over 40 percent of all visitors will abandon it for another. Studies have shown that with every 1 second of page load delay, conversion goes down by a whopping 7 percent.

People are looking for instant gratification in this time and age; your e-commerce site has to promise and provide that. Page load issues can be due to un-optimized images, style sheets poorly executed, advert network codes, your webbhotell provider, analytic tags among many other factors. Sort them out before you face the wrath of visitors.

  • Call to action-is it clearly put?

E-commerce website designed should get specific responses from any person who visits that page. To get these desired responses from visitors to your site, CTA (call to action) needs to be very clear. Without it, page viewers will be confused on the way forward. It lets every viewer understand what is required by motivating and directing them to respond in a certain way or complete a desired action in a specific manner. Avoid making your CTAs ineffective by writing them badly, unattractively and unconvincingly. Ensure the CTA is easy to see, understand on your website or the web page with the CTA loads fast. If you have large images, you might want to make sure the CTA is at the top where no one will miss it.

  • User experience must never be interrupted!

Some things such as pop-ups come in handy in increasing your e-commerce web traffic conversions or facilitating customer feedback, but could critically affect the user experience. Of course, pop-ups are great because, unlike ads, they are almost impossible to ignore. However, they are also irritating to most website visitors particularly if viewers are stopped from doing anything else on that page to pay attention to the pop-up, perhaps reminding them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Avoid using pop-ups that take a whole page and block users from doing anything else. They might compel your precious page viewers that you have worked hard to persuade to visit your e-commerce site to leave. Have pop-ups delayed for a couple of seconds so that the visitor can take them as a complement to the entire user experience.

Of course, conversion is definitely important for any e-commerce site, but so is the webbhotell you decide to go with. Choose the web host wisely to be assured of rapid page loads to complement your responsively designed website with a great user experience. Converting prospects into buying customers will then come naturally.

We hope this article has been of some help to you and answered many of your questions.

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